Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've started classes for my degree in Homeland Security.  The last shreds of warmish weather (70s) are slowing fading away. We've got some cool things coming up. We'll be hitting the Allegheny National Forest on two separate trips. I'm really looking forward to showing Lori the mountains.  I very much enjoy this time of year...
That's all for now...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Voter Registration

I mailed in my registration today.  I have every intention of writing in Ron Paul.  Enough of this nonsense in Washington. Let's all just pray it's not too late. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose

My dad got a handicapped blind up at PGC's Pymatuning WMA... That means camo, guns, cool weather,  nature, good friends and mayhem for the web-footed fellas.  This means that the return of the beard starts now.... Pretty excited to take my brother in-law too. We're also planning our deer season trip.  Good times.  I love the fall!

The Facebook Takeover

The blog will soon replace my Facebook account.  I'll keep it to stay in touch and we'll keep using the Rock Hill page and account but soon.....very soon... THIS is where I'll be broadcasting from.....change in the weather indeed. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Importance of Sharing What You Know

Challenge yourselves to teach someone something each and every day. I would have never started preparing nor would I have realized what's really going on in this country if someone hadn't told me. 
I have a 20 year old brother in law who grew up somewhat sheltered.  When we first met five years ago or so he was completely unfamiliar with anything even remotely close to a preparedness life style. 
Now he's a hunter... A shooter, a fisherman, a camper, a protector and somewhat of a prepper... Recently he and I were discussing my mother in law's desire to learn to shoot and, eventually carry, a handgun.  I found myself telling him that sharing our ways of life and teaching newcomers is what it's all about... Looking back now I realize how important teaching others really is. 
We all need to work together and surrounding ourselves with like minded and well taught people is a hugely important step towards not only preparedness but towards liberty,  freedom and survival. 
Find a student,  find a mentor,  find a partner... Teach your brothers, sisters,  in laws, wives and children about what we do and why we do it...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We're On Our Way Back

For those of you that don't personally know me....I somewhat despise hot weather. While most people bum around during the dark and cold winter months,  I feel downtrodden by summer. Heat and humidity are not my cup of tea. 
That being said, we'll be coming back full tilt soon. You can expect to see many more posts done at a higher frequency.  We've got some great adventures in store as well...some camping, hunting,  bushcraft, prepping updates and more.  We've got an interesting collaboration in the works as well.... Stay tuned to find out more!
Don't forget to check out our social feeds via Twitter,  Facebook and Youtube.  Links for each can be found on the right side of this page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
We want your interaction so dont hesitate to comment! Talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Garden Update August 14 2012

The garden has done remarkably well...especially considering the extreme dry spell we had through June and July along with the high temps. Our grape tomato plants are HUGE...the one is almost six feet tall and four feet across. All of the peppers have done well too although I think they may have cross-pollinated a bit because very few of them are spicy despite the fact that they are supposed to be Jalapenos. I also failed to execute on the leaf lettuce. It's grown really tall twice now (I cut it down the first time) and I haven't harvested any of it.

That being said, we're going to change a few things for next year...More tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, no lettuce etc. We're going to go bigger and better and maybe we'll get some canning going next year. Stay tuned for more from The Rock Hill Mission!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progression Towards Success

Well TRHM his going back to school!  Nothing official yet but I'm really looking into going for a BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management...
As most people know, we're into preparedness and self sufficiency here @ TRHM...so why not make a career out of it?  Until really recently I was leaning towards MAYBE providing some additional income through The Rock Hill Mission project via several different methods.
What I see in our future now is self employment, freedom and adventure.  Let's call in a ten year plan.  Within ten years I will be a business owner...maybe just me consulting,  maybe a large fleet of advisors and employees... Who knows really but I'm doing it.  Stay tuned for more... Enrollment should be soon...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Second Amendment

With the events from Aurora still fresh in our minds, it's very important that we continue to separate fact from fiction. There will be major pushes towards more strict gun controls and people will become polarized over this issue.  The fact still remains that people were slain in cold blood,  for no apparent reason.
History and the stats still show that crazy people will do crazy things no matter what. If this nut case had been unable to buy firearms, he would have found another way.  I truly believe that,  had someone been legally armed in that theater, lives would have been saved. 
I can not speak for everyone that is a gun owner but I can say that I will stand and fight for those who are in danger... no matter what the circumstance or consequence.  We all need to wake up and realize that the days of white picket fences are over.  Any restrictions added to current gun laws will do nothing but disarm the innocent.
As I sit here typing this,  some celebrity news show is blabbing about the latest Hollywood news... just one of the hundreds of distractions used to keep us ignorant to the truth.  I challenge everyone to dig deeper....read underground news.... ask questions... ignore the main stream media... do not accept lies because they comfort you...protect and defend you and yours and the rights that make you an American...open your eyes!
May peace be with the victims,  families and survivors of the Aurora Massacre.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I just mowed the sahara aka the yard. I'm sure the neighborhood thoroughly enjoyed the monstrosity of a dust cloud on this peaceful Sunday afternoon. 
This weather is giving me some motivation towards setting up a rain catch system early next year.  One solid version I read about involved putting live tilapia in the rain barrels to keep the mosquitos at bay....and you could eat the fish eventually.
On a separate note,  my damn tomato plants are pushing 4 feet tall and we've got a crap load of cucumbers, spaghetti squash and peppers coming.  Turns out I planted leaf lettuce instead of head lettuce and I let the plants grow too tall so...chop and drop and try again. 
I still wish Lori would agree to farm living.  Gunner seems to enjoy it as much as I do.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Truth About Our Founding Fathers

It's totally ok in my book to celebrate July 4th the typical American way...fireworks,  food, drink, family and friends.
It's also incredibly important to thank those who have served or are serving in the military. Make it a point to shake a soldier's hand and thank him or her and let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their families. Even if you whole-heartedly disagree with a particular mission or war, you owe a thanks to those who have taken the oath. Today is not the day but check out www.oathkeepers.org for more on "the oath".  
We all need to take a few steps back from our lives today. The truth about our Founding Fathers is that they were, in the truest sense, conspirators against the government. They,  collectively,  realized that,  in order for America to be free, a complete and total ousting of the British was needed.  The only reason that we enjoy OUR REMAINING FREEDOMS is that those before us rose up against a tyrannical government. 
Some things to keep in mind as you watch fireworks tonight with your families... the people all around you have the means and the power to restore this country to it's former glory... to unseat the lobbyists and liars...to take care of their problems without complex and unnecessary law... to be free from taxation to death...everyone around is capable of these things. 
I've noticed a trend developing on Facebook... most of my friends have these same views. Everyone is thinking it but few are speaking up.  I challenge you all,  and myself,  to be more vocal and to spread the word that there is still hope.  We can bring back our liberty and our independence.
On this day,  enjoy your families and friends but when the sun rises tomorrow,  look within yourselves and reach out to those around you. 
Happy Independence Day and Noli Me Calcare Tyrannus.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Importance of Taking an Occasional Break

 As modern Americans, we, collectively, tend to forget to take a break from the grind every now and then.
A nice dinner and a few drinks one night....appetizers and a plethora of beer samplings another night and then     some sitting around doing nothing....these are the things that help to take the edge off. And, by edge, I mean stress of course.
During recent adventures, I found my two new favorite places to chill out...The Ground Round and Bocktown Beer and Grill. Each of these places has a unique feel and an easy vibe. The Ground Round by our house is, as far as I know, the last of it's kind anywhere. It's aged and a little worn...frequented by "regulars" but still changing up the menu and keeping prices low. Bocktown is purely beer heaven...huge coolers line one entire wall.
This place oozes comfort for me....dark wood, low light, acoustic sounds...live acoustic sounds, being played by Just Bucky. Food and drink to keep me zen all day and the company of my wonderful wife.

I'm thinking that we need to take more breaks....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Update, Let There Be Food

These pictures don't do our garden justice.  We've got over 40 grape tomatoes,  20 or so peppers of different varieties, several large regular tomatoes,  huge onions and our squashes, lettuces and cucumbers are growing by the minute.  So far so good! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rock Hill Resources - 18v Tools

One of the most costly items for new home owners can be tools for improving and maintaining the home.  When we purchased our house, Lori and I picked up an 18 volt Ryobi combo kit from Home Depot.  The kit came with a circular saw, drill, dustbuster and flashlight along with one 18v battery and a charger.  Each of the tools have been moderately to heavily used and, so far,  I have zero complaints.
As our first spring approached, we picked up a run of the mill gas push mower but we were in need of a weedwacker and hedge trimmer to keep our suburban yard lookin good.  We purchased an 18v lithium ion weedwacker and hedge trimmer also made by Ryobi. The li-ion power cell is much more efficient and powerful than the standard 18v  and each tool came with one battery and one charger.  The weedwacker and ttimmer get used at least once a week for about 8 months out of the year and, again, no problems at all. 
Back in April 2012, we did some camping in the Allegheny National Forest and we chose to leave the chainsaw behind. After struggling to find or paying to much for details decent fire wood, I realized that we would need an alternate solution for next time.  The problem with a chainsaw comes from all of the accessories that are needed ; gas, sharpener,  oil,  tools,  spare chain etc. and I am not a fan of hauling around all that stuff.  Again, we turned to Ryobi....this time for an 18v li-ion sawzall.  The sawzall also came with its own battery.  When equipped with a pruning blade, it will chew through logs and limbs up to 8 inches in diameter and maybe thicker.  I have been using it at home to shorten up fire wood, trim trees and work on the Rock Hill Mission walking sticks. 
By far the most beneficial part of cordless tools,  especially ones from a single manufacturer, is the interchangeability of the batteries and the fact that all of the pieces are portable.  For example,  I can throw all of my Ryobi tools into the truck and head for camp knowing that everything I need is on board, including a renewable power source.  All it takes is a simple inverter plugged into a cigarette lighter combined with one or two of the chargers. I am an especially big fan of the sawzall simply because it could come in handy during a storm scenario or a bug out scenario when dealing with trees or debris down on the roads... and it makes getting firewood for camp a breeze! 
With regard to price, these Ryobi tools average about 20% cheaper than the big brands like Dewalt and Makita and the quality is just as good. Parts, accessories and several dozen additional tools are available at Home Depot and on the web at www.homedepot.com. 
I intend to expand my 18v collection and we'll keep adding additional "resources" posts as things progress.  

The Start of the Property Search

There has been a debate going on lately between Lori and I. I have a strong desire to move to a farm somewhere or to the wilderness. Lori, however, doesn't want to move out of our current school district. After some deliberation, we have decided that the best thing is going to be looking for and then purchasing some property in the mountains of PA....a place that has a "camp": type structure on it or, maybe, just raw land.
Ideally, we will be able to use this property for camping and hunting etc ad it will, eventually, be a retirement place for Lori and I.
We most certainly want a minimum of five acres and we would like a place bordering a state park, state game lands or national forest. By purchasing a property bordered by government land, we will be protected from development and annexation along with, basically, expanding the amount of land at our disposal to some degree.
Follow along with us as we ramp up our journey towards liberty! Finding a place to use for recreation while also developing a "bug out" location (a place to go if things get hectic in suburbia) we are killing two proverbial birds with one stone.
I am excited and the search will kickoff soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Rock Hill Mission Walking Stick

You've heard us mention these walking sticks before and there is a picture of the prototype within the first few posts here on the blog.
I went to the farm today and harvested some "blanks" so that I can get to work on making some more. 
I'll be using lengths of Maple, Ash, Cherry and Walnut, all of which I select cut. There will be various sizes ranging from child-sized to extra heavy duty.  In addition, I am going to see what kinds of tools etc I can make from the scraps. 
Here is the first batch of "blanks". Leave us a comment if you might be interested in owning one of these. 

Garden Progress and Food Storage Methods

The garden is progressing wonderfully! We are watering twice daily and haven't used a single speck of fertilizer
We have dozens of peppers and tomatoes of numerous varieties along with lettuce, squash and cucumbers already showing signs of heathly production.
We were able to acquire a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer yesterday along with our first two gamma lidded 5 gallon buckets. Food storage here we come!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts About Memorial Day

We, as Americans,  seem to do a pretty good job and remembering our troops on special days but it's never enough.  Challenge yourselves this week and throughout your lives to thank a serviceman or woman in person. Most of them will seem shy about accepting your thanks but, deep down,  they are probably thinking "someone deserves this more than me". That is the nature of a soldier. 
Additionally,  do not honor only those who have fallen but also those who have returned.  I can speak from experiences I have had while talking with some friends who are back now...some of them have truly paid an unbelievable price,  although they still walk this earth. 
So to our soldiers,  sailors, airmen and marines, and leos,  stand proud and we thank you so very much. 
**If you have served or are serving,  check out www.oathkeepers.org

Inspiration and Friendship

I do not want to detract from this at all so, please, follow the link and read for yourselves...Tiffany and Rich Rockwell over at WilderWolf helped to inspire me to start this blog. Check out Tiffany's reply to a recent question I had about sharing/reposting etc. Phenomenal.

Social Networking For Business by Tiffany Rockwell via WilderWolf

"We reveal ourselves quickly and
often in the virtual spotlight
where we sometimes have a hard
time grasping the depth of the
shadows we cast. "

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Lies About Global Warming and Climate Change

OK folks, even if you're not into politics etc...you need to read this and do a little research on your own.
I did some digging today about the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and, more specifically, one of it's operating bodies, the CDM or Clean Development Mechanism.
Obviously both of these are "environmental" entities and are, at their cores, run by the UN.
The CDM itself is governed by an Executive Board made up the following people:

Based purely on my investigative nature, I did some research into a few of these folks to see what exactly qualifies one to be part of such a prestigious environmental movement.
Here is what I found on just a few of these folks:

>Martin Cames - Project manager (urban planning office): complan in Brandenburg,
Beelitz, Germany Workshop foreman (metal workshop): Koller & Seidel, Berlin Berlin,
Germany Metal worker (metal workshop): Bernhard Fiebig, Berlin, Germany. PhD in Economics,
Technical University Berlin Diploma in Economics, Free University Berlin.

>Maosheng Duan - Ph.D. and Master of Management, Tsinghua University Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and Economics, Tsinghua University.

>Diana Harutyunyan - 1986- 1999  
ARMENIA   Yerevan  Senior Scientist in the laboratory of the physical chemistry
ARMENIA   Yerevan Junior Scientist.

I could continue but I am tired of typing!

So just ask yourself, why are these people involved with climate change? A metal workshop foreman with a PhD in economics, a professor of mechanical engineering and economics, and a molecular biologist and chemist....I can tell you that, in almost every one of the biographies I looked at for the above individuals, there is something pertaining to economics.

Bottom line, start Googling some of these names...feel free to comment with your findings.

You can read more about CDM and UNFCCC here UNFCCC, CDM and More. Also, please take a peek at the cap and trade wiki, located here Emissions Trading Wiki

It is obvious to me that we are headed for a global currency (other than the US Dollar) and a global government proudly brought to you by the United Nations....It's not a conspiracy theory so take a few minutes to read between the lines.

More to come as always....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update on the Garden

The garden seems to be coming along nicely.  I am slightly concerned that I put too many plants in each pot but, for now, everything is green. 
We've got a ton of tiny tomatoes and peppers all ready. The next step to this process will be me learning how to can vegetables.  Then let the storing begin!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Lies About Global Warming

Take a look at this hand out we got at the Columbus Zoo. I could rant for hours about this one but I am not going to.....let's get a good discussion going on this. 
Here is my first thought... eat less beef because cows make methane which hurts the environment?  Really?  First of all,  if people eat fewer cows, won't there be more of them alive to harm the atmosphere?  Secondly, what about the millions of  Bison that used to roam our great nation?  Did they fart essence of roses or... methane?
OK...I'll rant more on this later but for now, share your thoughts. All I will tell you is that this whole bullshit surrounding global warming is just an attempt to keep us afraid and a way to create a global currency (carbon credits) and a global government (the UN). If you don't believe me... google it. Something along the lines of "cap and trade" along with "UN" should give you some ample reading. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Biltong Attempt #1

About two weeks ago, while off of work with a screwed up back, I decided to try my hand and making Biltong. Biltong is an air-dried, South African version of jerky. The idea is to salt and then season thick-cut, lean beef or venison etc and then let it hang and dry.

(see http://www.biltongbox.com/ for more about the process etc).

Using only ingredients from the cabinet, and some London broil, my brother-in-law and I gave it a shot. The whole process, including making the box, only took about 30 minutes.

10 days later, we decided to sample it and two things were abruptly clear. We used too much salt and none of us are fans of coriander. Also, the cuts should have been thicker. The box and paper-clip hooks worked well.

The next time around, I'll make the necessary corrections and will, most likely, change up the coriander for something more jerky-like. The bottom line though is that, once I get this down pat, Biltong will last for years without spoiling. One more additional to the food supply (which needs A LOT of work).

Here is the Biltong box and the Biltong, just after hanging it.

The Garden

Well I got the garden planted yesterday (in the rain). I was originally going to use large, round Rubbermaid "party" tubs for planting but I ended up going with slightly smaller plastic pots (only because they were a great deal). This is my first attempt at any gardening on my own and I'm nervous about the pots....

We have jalapenos, sweet banana peppers, hot banana peppers, green bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, lettuce, spaghetti squash and onions....let's hope they all grow.
If this works, next year we're gonna go big.

Our Gunner

This is our Gunner aka Gunner the Wonder Horse. Gunner truly is one of a kind and he's a genuine member of our family. We're not sure what breed or breeds he is as he is a rescue. He was taken to a Humane Society in West Virginia after being found alone, wandering the streets. He was barely 8 weeks old.

When we completed the adoption, they told us that he would be about 30 pound....he is almost 90 lbs now!
You'll be seeing plenty of Gunner in the future.

Lori and Gunner Hiking

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Real Rock Hill

This is the actual Rock Hill referenced in our Intro Post....Awesome.

A Little About the Economy May, 2012

I decided to go out with a few old friends last night, it was a Friday. Im always hesitant to go out to certain places because of how expensive and ridiculously priced alcohol can be. For instance I met up with my friends at the Rivers Casino. I paid $6.00 for a glass of Blue Moon on tap! Nonetheless I waited in line to get my outrageously priced beer. So after we left the casino we went to a neighborhood bar that  friends of ours own. The prices were not much cheaper. Ok what im getting at is this; for some financial bigshot to say that the average middle class american is in a recession is completely absurd! The casino was packed wall to wall with people spending, spending and more spending! Cash and credit cards burning holes in pockets, laughing and having a good time. As i sit back and watch these people, young and old, bury themselves in the neverending black hole of debt, I laugh a little and sit back and tell myself that im probably the only person in this joint that will wake up tomorrow and be in the same financial situation that i was in when i walked in. Why? Because i understand that the stimulus package that was handed out two years ago is only now hitting the economy. There are only two words to describe what we are seeing ...False Recovery. Everything is a party now and things are looking good...6 months from the election. GO FIGURE.  What happens when the bill for all of this "stimulus money" comes due? Tread lightly my friends.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rock Hill Resources

   Pretty soon I'll be starting a series of posts (or hopefully an additional page) listing the resources we're using for the blog and, in some cases, every day life. The first I want to mention is the HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon. I am not going to promote any one carrier but I will say that this device is astonishing...especially since it is/was Verizon's first runner on 4GLTE.
    My Thunderbolt is running a ROM (customized operating system) and is fully rooted (jail-broken). This basically means that I can pick and choose what does or does not run on my phone and rooting comes with nearly endless possibilities for customization. **Disclaimer**You and you alone are responsible if you attempt a root or any other alerations to a phone/tablet etc. Google it first! Anyway, when compared in a speed test using Quadrant Standard analytics it ranks right up there with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab. I can use my phone to post AND redesign the blog on the fly using Google's Blogger app...photos, videos,audio, recording and playback are impecable. I strongly encourage every smart phone and tablet user to FULLY explore your device's abilities (yes even Apple users). In the future I'll do a post about the plethora of apps we're using but for now, do some investigating on your own and let us know of any cool apps or mobile tips/tricks you may have.

The Woods

Just a reminder for those of you that venture out doors... the dog picked up two ticks in less than an hour in the Western PA woods. We did,  however spot some pretty flowers. Lori and little Randy aren't quite ready for the deep woods yet. They still get that "creepy feeling".
On a separate note, the paracord wrap job on the walking stick didn't last long.  Next time I'll need to use a base layer of light weight rubber cement.  That's why it's called a prototype! 
We hit up Hillman State Park and it was empty....only two other cars in the 3000+ acre woods.  I like the remoteness of it, the quiet and the peace. On the other hand, it's easy for me to understand why Lori and little man would feel uneasy...I grew up romping around the  W.PA woods but for people that didn't,  it can feel like a vast, ominous emptiness.  We'll work on those comfort levels... that's why it's called a Mission!
The Flowers:

About Our Ads

So you'll notice now that ads are appearing on the blog. For now,  we are using Google's AdSense....this means that we don't have much say in the stuff showing up there.  It's not ideal but, until we can get some sponsorship and a donation / support system set up...it will have to do. Feel free to email me with questions and or feedback.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dog Owners Beware!

I just wanted to post something about a recent issue that we had with a flea and tick serum for dogs. From this day forward I will do research on any and all products before using them. I bought a flea and tick treatment for our dog Gunner at a very well known pet supply store. SENTRY PRO HTC produced by Sergeants. After less than 24 hours Gunner was in agony! If he could have crawled out of his skin, he would have! He had a horrible allergic reaction to this product. I did some research and found that this has happened to hundreds of dogs, all with the same symptom. I took the rest of the product back to the pet store and told them my concern. I was told that they can do nothing about it until the corporate office informs them to pull it. What a joke, you work in a pet store and have no idea the dangers some of your products are causing, unbelievable! So as of now Gunner will only wear a collar. 
Oh and if you have run in to this issue, Dawn dish detergent solved the problem!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lori's First Photo

Hi everyone!  We will be uploading plenty of awesome pictures in the future so check back often ...here is my first photo (and my first post/upload to the blog). Taken at the Columbus Zoo, May 2012.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The First of Many Projects

The first ever Rock Hill Mission walking stick.  Checkout our Facebook page for more details.
**Update,  the paracord wrap failed.  I'll be working on a solution this week.