Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Rock Hill Mission Walking Stick

You've heard us mention these walking sticks before and there is a picture of the prototype within the first few posts here on the blog.
I went to the farm today and harvested some "blanks" so that I can get to work on making some more. 
I'll be using lengths of Maple, Ash, Cherry and Walnut, all of which I select cut. There will be various sizes ranging from child-sized to extra heavy duty.  In addition, I am going to see what kinds of tools etc I can make from the scraps. 
Here is the first batch of "blanks". Leave us a comment if you might be interested in owning one of these. 

Garden Progress and Food Storage Methods

The garden is progressing wonderfully! We are watering twice daily and haven't used a single speck of fertilizer
We have dozens of peppers and tomatoes of numerous varieties along with lettuce, squash and cucumbers already showing signs of heathly production.
We were able to acquire a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer yesterday along with our first two gamma lidded 5 gallon buckets. Food storage here we come!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts About Memorial Day

We, as Americans,  seem to do a pretty good job and remembering our troops on special days but it's never enough.  Challenge yourselves this week and throughout your lives to thank a serviceman or woman in person. Most of them will seem shy about accepting your thanks but, deep down,  they are probably thinking "someone deserves this more than me". That is the nature of a soldier. 
Additionally,  do not honor only those who have fallen but also those who have returned.  I can speak from experiences I have had while talking with some friends who are back now...some of them have truly paid an unbelievable price,  although they still walk this earth. 
So to our soldiers,  sailors, airmen and marines, and leos,  stand proud and we thank you so very much. 
**If you have served or are serving,  check out

Inspiration and Friendship

I do not want to detract from this at all so, please, follow the link and read for yourselves...Tiffany and Rich Rockwell over at WilderWolf helped to inspire me to start this blog. Check out Tiffany's reply to a recent question I had about sharing/reposting etc. Phenomenal.

Social Networking For Business by Tiffany Rockwell via WilderWolf

"We reveal ourselves quickly and
often in the virtual spotlight
where we sometimes have a hard
time grasping the depth of the
shadows we cast. "

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Lies About Global Warming and Climate Change

OK folks, even if you're not into politics need to read this and do a little research on your own.
I did some digging today about the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and, more specifically, one of it's operating bodies, the CDM or Clean Development Mechanism.
Obviously both of these are "environmental" entities and are, at their cores, run by the UN.
The CDM itself is governed by an Executive Board made up the following people:

Based purely on my investigative nature, I did some research into a few of these folks to see what exactly qualifies one to be part of such a prestigious environmental movement.
Here is what I found on just a few of these folks:

>Martin Cames - Project manager (urban planning office): complan in Brandenburg,
Beelitz, Germany Workshop foreman (metal workshop): Koller & Seidel, Berlin Berlin,
Germany Metal worker (metal workshop): Bernhard Fiebig, Berlin, Germany. PhD in Economics,
Technical University Berlin Diploma in Economics, Free University Berlin.

>Maosheng Duan - Ph.D. and Master of Management, Tsinghua University Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and Economics, Tsinghua University.

>Diana Harutyunyan - 1986- 1999  
ARMENIA   Yerevan  Senior Scientist in the laboratory of the physical chemistry
ARMENIA   Yerevan Junior Scientist.

I could continue but I am tired of typing!

So just ask yourself, why are these people involved with climate change? A metal workshop foreman with a PhD in economics, a professor of mechanical engineering and economics, and a molecular biologist and chemist....I can tell you that, in almost every one of the biographies I looked at for the above individuals, there is something pertaining to economics.

Bottom line, start Googling some of these names...feel free to comment with your findings.

You can read more about CDM and UNFCCC here UNFCCC, CDM and More. Also, please take a peek at the cap and trade wiki, located here Emissions Trading Wiki

It is obvious to me that we are headed for a global currency (other than the US Dollar) and a global government proudly brought to you by the United Nations....It's not a conspiracy theory so take a few minutes to read between the lines.

More to come as always....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update on the Garden

The garden seems to be coming along nicely.  I am slightly concerned that I put too many plants in each pot but, for now, everything is green. 
We've got a ton of tiny tomatoes and peppers all ready. The next step to this process will be me learning how to can vegetables.  Then let the storing begin!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Lies About Global Warming

Take a look at this hand out we got at the Columbus Zoo. I could rant for hours about this one but I am not going to.....let's get a good discussion going on this. 
Here is my first thought... eat less beef because cows make methane which hurts the environment?  Really?  First of all,  if people eat fewer cows, won't there be more of them alive to harm the atmosphere?  Secondly, what about the millions of  Bison that used to roam our great nation?  Did they fart essence of roses or... methane?
OK...I'll rant more on this later but for now, share your thoughts. All I will tell you is that this whole bullshit surrounding global warming is just an attempt to keep us afraid and a way to create a global currency (carbon credits) and a global government (the UN). If you don't believe me... google it. Something along the lines of "cap and trade" along with "UN" should give you some ample reading. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Biltong Attempt #1

About two weeks ago, while off of work with a screwed up back, I decided to try my hand and making Biltong. Biltong is an air-dried, South African version of jerky. The idea is to salt and then season thick-cut, lean beef or venison etc and then let it hang and dry.

(see for more about the process etc).

Using only ingredients from the cabinet, and some London broil, my brother-in-law and I gave it a shot. The whole process, including making the box, only took about 30 minutes.

10 days later, we decided to sample it and two things were abruptly clear. We used too much salt and none of us are fans of coriander. Also, the cuts should have been thicker. The box and paper-clip hooks worked well.

The next time around, I'll make the necessary corrections and will, most likely, change up the coriander for something more jerky-like. The bottom line though is that, once I get this down pat, Biltong will last for years without spoiling. One more additional to the food supply (which needs A LOT of work).

Here is the Biltong box and the Biltong, just after hanging it.

The Garden

Well I got the garden planted yesterday (in the rain). I was originally going to use large, round Rubbermaid "party" tubs for planting but I ended up going with slightly smaller plastic pots (only because they were a great deal). This is my first attempt at any gardening on my own and I'm nervous about the pots....

We have jalapenos, sweet banana peppers, hot banana peppers, green bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, lettuce, spaghetti squash and onions....let's hope they all grow.
If this works, next year we're gonna go big.

Our Gunner

This is our Gunner aka Gunner the Wonder Horse. Gunner truly is one of a kind and he's a genuine member of our family. We're not sure what breed or breeds he is as he is a rescue. He was taken to a Humane Society in West Virginia after being found alone, wandering the streets. He was barely 8 weeks old.

When we completed the adoption, they told us that he would be about 30 pound....he is almost 90 lbs now!
You'll be seeing plenty of Gunner in the future.

Lori and Gunner Hiking

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Real Rock Hill

This is the actual Rock Hill referenced in our Intro Post....Awesome.

A Little About the Economy May, 2012

I decided to go out with a few old friends last night, it was a Friday. Im always hesitant to go out to certain places because of how expensive and ridiculously priced alcohol can be. For instance I met up with my friends at the Rivers Casino. I paid $6.00 for a glass of Blue Moon on tap! Nonetheless I waited in line to get my outrageously priced beer. So after we left the casino we went to a neighborhood bar that  friends of ours own. The prices were not much cheaper. Ok what im getting at is this; for some financial bigshot to say that the average middle class american is in a recession is completely absurd! The casino was packed wall to wall with people spending, spending and more spending! Cash and credit cards burning holes in pockets, laughing and having a good time. As i sit back and watch these people, young and old, bury themselves in the neverending black hole of debt, I laugh a little and sit back and tell myself that im probably the only person in this joint that will wake up tomorrow and be in the same financial situation that i was in when i walked in. Why? Because i understand that the stimulus package that was handed out two years ago is only now hitting the economy. There are only two words to describe what we are seeing ...False Recovery. Everything is a party now and things are looking good...6 months from the election. GO FIGURE.  What happens when the bill for all of this "stimulus money" comes due? Tread lightly my friends.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rock Hill Resources

   Pretty soon I'll be starting a series of posts (or hopefully an additional page) listing the resources we're using for the blog and, in some cases, every day life. The first I want to mention is the HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon. I am not going to promote any one carrier but I will say that this device is astonishing...especially since it is/was Verizon's first runner on 4GLTE.
    My Thunderbolt is running a ROM (customized operating system) and is fully rooted (jail-broken). This basically means that I can pick and choose what does or does not run on my phone and rooting comes with nearly endless possibilities for customization. **Disclaimer**You and you alone are responsible if you attempt a root or any other alerations to a phone/tablet etc. Google it first! Anyway, when compared in a speed test using Quadrant Standard analytics it ranks right up there with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab. I can use my phone to post AND redesign the blog on the fly using Google's Blogger, videos,audio, recording and playback are impecable. I strongly encourage every smart phone and tablet user to FULLY explore your device's abilities (yes even Apple users). In the future I'll do a post about the plethora of apps we're using but for now, do some investigating on your own and let us know of any cool apps or mobile tips/tricks you may have.

The Woods

Just a reminder for those of you that venture out doors... the dog picked up two ticks in less than an hour in the Western PA woods. We did,  however spot some pretty flowers. Lori and little Randy aren't quite ready for the deep woods yet. They still get that "creepy feeling".
On a separate note, the paracord wrap job on the walking stick didn't last long.  Next time I'll need to use a base layer of light weight rubber cement.  That's why it's called a prototype! 
We hit up Hillman State Park and it was empty....only two other cars in the 3000+ acre woods.  I like the remoteness of it, the quiet and the peace. On the other hand, it's easy for me to understand why Lori and little man would feel uneasy...I grew up romping around the  W.PA woods but for people that didn't,  it can feel like a vast, ominous emptiness.  We'll work on those comfort levels... that's why it's called a Mission!
The Flowers:

About Our Ads

So you'll notice now that ads are appearing on the blog. For now,  we are using Google's AdSense....this means that we don't have much say in the stuff showing up there.  It's not ideal but, until we can get some sponsorship and a donation / support system set will have to do. Feel free to email me with questions and or feedback.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dog Owners Beware!

I just wanted to post something about a recent issue that we had with a flea and tick serum for dogs. From this day forward I will do research on any and all products before using them. I bought a flea and tick treatment for our dog Gunner at a very well known pet supply store. SENTRY PRO HTC produced by Sergeants. After less than 24 hours Gunner was in agony! If he could have crawled out of his skin, he would have! He had a horrible allergic reaction to this product. I did some research and found that this has happened to hundreds of dogs, all with the same symptom. I took the rest of the product back to the pet store and told them my concern. I was told that they can do nothing about it until the corporate office informs them to pull it. What a joke, you work in a pet store and have no idea the dangers some of your products are causing, unbelievable! So as of now Gunner will only wear a collar. 
Oh and if you have run in to this issue, Dawn dish detergent solved the problem!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lori's First Photo

Hi everyone!  We will be uploading plenty of awesome pictures in the future so check back often is my first photo (and my first post/upload to the blog). Taken at the Columbus Zoo, May 2012.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The First of Many Projects

The first ever Rock Hill Mission walking stick.  Checkout our Facebook page for more details.
**Update,  the paracord wrap failed.  I'll be working on a solution this week.