Monday, May 14, 2012

Biltong Attempt #1

About two weeks ago, while off of work with a screwed up back, I decided to try my hand and making Biltong. Biltong is an air-dried, South African version of jerky. The idea is to salt and then season thick-cut, lean beef or venison etc and then let it hang and dry.

(see for more about the process etc).

Using only ingredients from the cabinet, and some London broil, my brother-in-law and I gave it a shot. The whole process, including making the box, only took about 30 minutes.

10 days later, we decided to sample it and two things were abruptly clear. We used too much salt and none of us are fans of coriander. Also, the cuts should have been thicker. The box and paper-clip hooks worked well.

The next time around, I'll make the necessary corrections and will, most likely, change up the coriander for something more jerky-like. The bottom line though is that, once I get this down pat, Biltong will last for years without spoiling. One more additional to the food supply (which needs A LOT of work).

Here is the Biltong box and the Biltong, just after hanging it.


  1. Jon Supinski16 May, 2012 11:23

    should turn out pretty good. ive done something similar but instead of drying jerky i smoked salmon using a box, electric burner and wood chips. turned out to be quite tasty!(it is an ALL day event so ice down some beers if ya try it)

  2. We'll I just forced myself to toss the first batch of Biltong. It turned out far too salty and the taste was off. I think I over salted it and may have mixed up a step or too. Curse those pain medications! Regardless, we've obtained a dehydrator now so, going forward, I'll be attempting some jerky making and so forth. Thanks again for commenting Jon!