Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dog Owners Beware!

I just wanted to post something about a recent issue that we had with a flea and tick serum for dogs. From this day forward I will do research on any and all products before using them. I bought a flea and tick treatment for our dog Gunner at a very well known pet supply store. SENTRY PRO HTC produced by Sergeants. After less than 24 hours Gunner was in agony! If he could have crawled out of his skin, he would have! He had a horrible allergic reaction to this product. I did some research and found that this has happened to hundreds of dogs, all with the same symptom. I took the rest of the product back to the pet store and told them my concern. I was told that they can do nothing about it until the corporate office informs them to pull it. What a joke, you work in a pet store and have no idea the dangers some of your products are causing, unbelievable! So as of now Gunner will only wear a collar. 
Oh and if you have run in to this issue, Dawn dish detergent solved the problem!

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  1. THis is from a great VET TECH: Thanks Kelly

    . You should always buy flea and tick preventative from your vet. Pet stores, Walmart, Agway and all those other stores do not properly care for their products ( leaving them in th...e wrong temps) generic flea products such as hartz and sergeants do not carry the guarantee that frontline or certifect do. You wouldn't self diagnose an illness and go to Walmart and buy cheap antibiotics would you? If your vet is charging alot for frontline then I would find a new one. Buying from a vet ensures that you have a support system and someone to call if you have troubleSee More