Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little About the Economy May, 2012

I decided to go out with a few old friends last night, it was a Friday. Im always hesitant to go out to certain places because of how expensive and ridiculously priced alcohol can be. For instance I met up with my friends at the Rivers Casino. I paid $6.00 for a glass of Blue Moon on tap! Nonetheless I waited in line to get my outrageously priced beer. So after we left the casino we went to a neighborhood bar that  friends of ours own. The prices were not much cheaper. Ok what im getting at is this; for some financial bigshot to say that the average middle class american is in a recession is completely absurd! The casino was packed wall to wall with people spending, spending and more spending! Cash and credit cards burning holes in pockets, laughing and having a good time. As i sit back and watch these people, young and old, bury themselves in the neverending black hole of debt, I laugh a little and sit back and tell myself that im probably the only person in this joint that will wake up tomorrow and be in the same financial situation that i was in when i walked in. Why? Because i understand that the stimulus package that was handed out two years ago is only now hitting the economy. There are only two words to describe what we are seeing ...False Recovery. Everything is a party now and things are looking good...6 months from the election. GO FIGURE.  What happens when the bill for all of this "stimulus money" comes due? Tread lightly my friends.

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