Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Lies About Global Warming

Take a look at this hand out we got at the Columbus Zoo. I could rant for hours about this one but I am not going to.....let's get a good discussion going on this. 
Here is my first thought... eat less beef because cows make methane which hurts the environment?  Really?  First of all,  if people eat fewer cows, won't there be more of them alive to harm the atmosphere?  Secondly, what about the millions of  Bison that used to roam our great nation?  Did they fart essence of roses or... methane?
OK...I'll rant more on this later but for now, share your thoughts. All I will tell you is that this whole bullshit surrounding global warming is just an attempt to keep us afraid and a way to create a global currency (carbon credits) and a global government (the UN). If you don't believe me... google it. Something along the lines of "cap and trade" along with "UN" should give you some ample reading. 

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