Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Rock Hill Mission Walking Stick

You've heard us mention these walking sticks before and there is a picture of the prototype within the first few posts here on the blog.
I went to the farm today and harvested some "blanks" so that I can get to work on making some more. 
I'll be using lengths of Maple, Ash, Cherry and Walnut, all of which I select cut. There will be various sizes ranging from child-sized to extra heavy duty.  In addition, I am going to see what kinds of tools etc I can make from the scraps. 
Here is the first batch of "blanks". Leave us a comment if you might be interested in owning one of these. 


  1. are you still in this business? have any for sale?

  2. I have some in progress. Let me know if you want a skull cracker heavy ass one or a streamlined version and what color stain you want. ETA a month or so....