Friday, May 11, 2012

Rock Hill Resources

   Pretty soon I'll be starting a series of posts (or hopefully an additional page) listing the resources we're using for the blog and, in some cases, every day life. The first I want to mention is the HTC Thunderbolt by Verizon. I am not going to promote any one carrier but I will say that this device is astonishing...especially since it is/was Verizon's first runner on 4GLTE.
    My Thunderbolt is running a ROM (customized operating system) and is fully rooted (jail-broken). This basically means that I can pick and choose what does or does not run on my phone and rooting comes with nearly endless possibilities for customization. **Disclaimer**You and you alone are responsible if you attempt a root or any other alerations to a phone/tablet etc. Google it first! Anyway, when compared in a speed test using Quadrant Standard analytics it ranks right up there with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab. I can use my phone to post AND redesign the blog on the fly using Google's Blogger, videos,audio, recording and playback are impecable. I strongly encourage every smart phone and tablet user to FULLY explore your device's abilities (yes even Apple users). In the future I'll do a post about the plethora of apps we're using but for now, do some investigating on your own and let us know of any cool apps or mobile tips/tricks you may have.

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  1. I'm going to continue adding to this post...

    The next resource I want to discuss is widely considered to be a survivalist tool. The Android application Ulysses Gizmos includes an interface which gives you instant access to GPS coordinates (lat/lon), GPS heading, altitude and signal accuracy. You also get an interface showing the current number of attainable GPS signals and satellite locations, pitch and roll, a magnetic field monitor and much more. Ulysses works great, especially for outdoors activities and we recommend that everyone have some sort of compass / navigation app in case of yourselves a favor and study up on how to navigate using lat/lon, waypoints etc.

    More to come as always...