Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughts About Memorial Day

We, as Americans,  seem to do a pretty good job and remembering our troops on special days but it's never enough.  Challenge yourselves this week and throughout your lives to thank a serviceman or woman in person. Most of them will seem shy about accepting your thanks but, deep down,  they are probably thinking "someone deserves this more than me". That is the nature of a soldier. 
Additionally,  do not honor only those who have fallen but also those who have returned.  I can speak from experiences I have had while talking with some friends who are back now...some of them have truly paid an unbelievable price,  although they still walk this earth. 
So to our soldiers,  sailors, airmen and marines, and leos,  stand proud and we thank you so very much. 
**If you have served or are serving,  check out

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