Friday, May 11, 2012

The Woods

Just a reminder for those of you that venture out doors... the dog picked up two ticks in less than an hour in the Western PA woods. We did,  however spot some pretty flowers. Lori and little Randy aren't quite ready for the deep woods yet. They still get that "creepy feeling".
On a separate note, the paracord wrap job on the walking stick didn't last long.  Next time I'll need to use a base layer of light weight rubber cement.  That's why it's called a prototype! 
We hit up Hillman State Park and it was empty....only two other cars in the 3000+ acre woods.  I like the remoteness of it, the quiet and the peace. On the other hand, it's easy for me to understand why Lori and little man would feel uneasy...I grew up romping around the  W.PA woods but for people that didn't,  it can feel like a vast, ominous emptiness.  We'll work on those comfort levels... that's why it's called a Mission!
The Flowers:

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