Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Importance of Taking an Occasional Break

 As modern Americans, we, collectively, tend to forget to take a break from the grind every now and then.
A nice dinner and a few drinks one night....appetizers and a plethora of beer samplings another night and then     some sitting around doing nothing....these are the things that help to take the edge off. And, by edge, I mean stress of course.
During recent adventures, I found my two new favorite places to chill out...The Ground Round and Bocktown Beer and Grill. Each of these places has a unique feel and an easy vibe. The Ground Round by our house is, as far as I know, the last of it's kind anywhere. It's aged and a little worn...frequented by "regulars" but still changing up the menu and keeping prices low. Bocktown is purely beer heaven...huge coolers line one entire wall.
This place oozes comfort for me....dark wood, low light, acoustic acoustic sounds, being played by Just Bucky. Food and drink to keep me zen all day and the company of my wonderful wife.

I'm thinking that we need to take more breaks....

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