Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progression Towards Success

Well TRHM his going back to school!  Nothing official yet but I'm really looking into going for a BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management...
As most people know, we're into preparedness and self sufficiency here @ why not make a career out of it?  Until really recently I was leaning towards MAYBE providing some additional income through The Rock Hill Mission project via several different methods.
What I see in our future now is self employment, freedom and adventure.  Let's call in a ten year plan.  Within ten years I will be a business owner...maybe just me consulting,  maybe a large fleet of advisors and employees... Who knows really but I'm doing it.  Stay tuned for more... Enrollment should be soon...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Second Amendment

With the events from Aurora still fresh in our minds, it's very important that we continue to separate fact from fiction. There will be major pushes towards more strict gun controls and people will become polarized over this issue.  The fact still remains that people were slain in cold blood,  for no apparent reason.
History and the stats still show that crazy people will do crazy things no matter what. If this nut case had been unable to buy firearms, he would have found another way.  I truly believe that,  had someone been legally armed in that theater, lives would have been saved. 
I can not speak for everyone that is a gun owner but I can say that I will stand and fight for those who are in danger... no matter what the circumstance or consequence.  We all need to wake up and realize that the days of white picket fences are over.  Any restrictions added to current gun laws will do nothing but disarm the innocent.
As I sit here typing this,  some celebrity news show is blabbing about the latest Hollywood news... just one of the hundreds of distractions used to keep us ignorant to the truth.  I challenge everyone to dig underground news.... ask questions... ignore the main stream media... do not accept lies because they comfort you...protect and defend you and yours and the rights that make you an your eyes!
May peace be with the victims,  families and survivors of the Aurora Massacre.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I just mowed the sahara aka the yard. I'm sure the neighborhood thoroughly enjoyed the monstrosity of a dust cloud on this peaceful Sunday afternoon. 
This weather is giving me some motivation towards setting up a rain catch system early next year.  One solid version I read about involved putting live tilapia in the rain barrels to keep the mosquitos at bay....and you could eat the fish eventually.
On a separate note,  my damn tomato plants are pushing 4 feet tall and we've got a crap load of cucumbers, spaghetti squash and peppers coming.  Turns out I planted leaf lettuce instead of head lettuce and I let the plants grow too tall so...chop and drop and try again. 
I still wish Lori would agree to farm living.  Gunner seems to enjoy it as much as I do.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Truth About Our Founding Fathers

It's totally ok in my book to celebrate July 4th the typical American way...fireworks,  food, drink, family and friends.
It's also incredibly important to thank those who have served or are serving in the military. Make it a point to shake a soldier's hand and thank him or her and let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their families. Even if you whole-heartedly disagree with a particular mission or war, you owe a thanks to those who have taken the oath. Today is not the day but check out for more on "the oath".  
We all need to take a few steps back from our lives today. The truth about our Founding Fathers is that they were, in the truest sense, conspirators against the government. They,  collectively,  realized that,  in order for America to be free, a complete and total ousting of the British was needed.  The only reason that we enjoy OUR REMAINING FREEDOMS is that those before us rose up against a tyrannical government. 
Some things to keep in mind as you watch fireworks tonight with your families... the people all around you have the means and the power to restore this country to it's former glory... to unseat the lobbyists and take care of their problems without complex and unnecessary law... to be free from taxation to death...everyone around is capable of these things. 
I've noticed a trend developing on Facebook... most of my friends have these same views. Everyone is thinking it but few are speaking up.  I challenge you all,  and myself,  to be more vocal and to spread the word that there is still hope.  We can bring back our liberty and our independence.
On this day,  enjoy your families and friends but when the sun rises tomorrow,  look within yourselves and reach out to those around you. 
Happy Independence Day and Noli Me Calcare Tyrannus.