Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Second Amendment

With the events from Aurora still fresh in our minds, it's very important that we continue to separate fact from fiction. There will be major pushes towards more strict gun controls and people will become polarized over this issue.  The fact still remains that people were slain in cold blood,  for no apparent reason.
History and the stats still show that crazy people will do crazy things no matter what. If this nut case had been unable to buy firearms, he would have found another way.  I truly believe that,  had someone been legally armed in that theater, lives would have been saved. 
I can not speak for everyone that is a gun owner but I can say that I will stand and fight for those who are in danger... no matter what the circumstance or consequence.  We all need to wake up and realize that the days of white picket fences are over.  Any restrictions added to current gun laws will do nothing but disarm the innocent.
As I sit here typing this,  some celebrity news show is blabbing about the latest Hollywood news... just one of the hundreds of distractions used to keep us ignorant to the truth.  I challenge everyone to dig deeper....read underground news.... ask questions... ignore the main stream media... do not accept lies because they comfort you...protect and defend you and yours and the rights that make you an American...open your eyes!
May peace be with the victims,  families and survivors of the Aurora Massacre.


  1. Since this post, Lori has purchased a 38 special and I have purchased a more carry-friendly 9mm. We are both legally carrying everywhere we go now. Let's pray that we never have to make that sort of decision...

  2. It's startling now looking back on this post....the Second Amendment is being challenged in a much more serious manner now...
    Believe what you want about Sandy Hook....there will be a link to a video below that examines some of the inconsistencies surrounding the shootings etc. Again this doesn't represent our views per se but it's something I think that everyone needs to see.

    While the Sandy Hook events were indeed tragic, challenge those around you to not always accept what the news says as fact. We need to work together to bring our families and friends out of the darkness. The truth hurts as will the changes that will come....