Monday, September 24, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose

My dad got a handicapped blind up at PGC's Pymatuning WMA... That means camo, guns, cool weather,  nature, good friends and mayhem for the web-footed fellas.  This means that the return of the beard starts now.... Pretty excited to take my brother in-law too. We're also planning our deer season trip.  Good times.  I love the fall!

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  1. Well we took three geese total...only one shooter was unable to make a harvest. Check out the gallery for pictures!

    Deer season was completely unproductive for me. I think maybe a journey to West Virginia may be in order next year. Shooting lanes and getting tighter and tighter around here and around camp.

    The whole point is to put meat in the freezer. Right now we've got some venison/beef mix (ground) and some farm raised pork (chops, bacon, sausage etc) along with our normal grocery meats. A full processed deer would be nice....I can smell the jerky from here.