Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Importance of Sharing What You Know

Challenge yourselves to teach someone something each and every day. I would have never started preparing nor would I have realized what's really going on in this country if someone hadn't told me. 
I have a 20 year old brother in law who grew up somewhat sheltered.  When we first met five years ago or so he was completely unfamiliar with anything even remotely close to a preparedness life style. 
Now he's a hunter... A shooter, a fisherman, a camper, a protector and somewhat of a prepper... Recently he and I were discussing my mother in law's desire to learn to shoot and, eventually carry, a handgun.  I found myself telling him that sharing our ways of life and teaching newcomers is what it's all about... Looking back now I realize how important teaching others really is. 
We all need to work together and surrounding ourselves with like minded and well taught people is a hugely important step towards not only preparedness but towards liberty,  freedom and survival. 
Find a student,  find a mentor,  find a partner... Teach your brothers, sisters,  in laws, wives and children about what we do and why we do it...

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