Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preparedness Basics #1

Even people that do not "believe" in or practice survivalism, there are very simple and basic steps that should be taken to prepare or "prep".

Our push towards a preparedness lifestyle truly got started when I discovered The Survival Podcast. Much of what I have learned to date came from TSP and it's proprietor, Jack Spirko, and I learn something new every day. 

One of the first things I learned from TSP was the need for and composition of a "Bug Out Bag" (BOB) also known as a 72 hour kit. Upon hearing some of things that were recommended as contents for a BOB, I first thought that it would turn into an expensive venture. After doing some thinking I decided to do a combination of affordable but high quality gear and inexpensive, easy to find consumables etc. Dollar Tree, Costco and the like are the places to go. I will do a separate post focused on building a BOB and the specific gear and components I use but, in the meantime, sit down with your spouse or significant other, family, friends etc and calculate what you would need in order to live, somewhat comfortably, for a minimum of 72 hours, including food and water. People think that things like this sound paranoid and crazy but imagine this..... you, like most people, live in suburban America. Somewhere within 50 miles of you sits a factory or power plant or industrial facility of some type. In the not-so-distant past, places like those above have had disasters or operational failures of some kind m So, let's imagine that a shipping hub in your neck of the woods has a large chemical spill....the Fire Department comes to your door and says that, because of the spill and strong winds, you have 10 minutes to leave your home with no specific time of return. Grab what you can and roll out....everything that you would want to grab would take more than 10 minutes to grab.... A bug out bag meant to sustain you and yours for a minimum of 72 hours..... right?  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Using Amazon Browser Extensions

One of the biggest challenges I faced when we first set off on my preparedness journey was staying organized. With vast online resources at our disposal, it's easy to get lost while searching for news or supplies. A handy trick to use when shopping or building supply lists online is to utilize free browser extensions which allow you to add items from ANY website to your wishlist.

This tool allows you to click a toolbar button which then automatically adds the item(s) to your wishlist.
A list of supported browsers and options is below.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stars call for gun control - Photos - 1 of 11 -

Here's a handy list of people who will never see another dime from this family.
The likes of "Flea" and Kim Kardashian......these are the types of people who's opinions are valued by our society.

Stars call for gun control - Photos - 1 of 11 -

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Survival Skills: 5 Hypothermia Myths, and The Real Treatments | Outdoor Life Survival

Survival Skills: 5 Hypothermia Myths, and The Real Treatments | Outdoor Life Survival:

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Watch Hillary Squirm When Put Against the Ropes By Rand Paul

Survival Skills: How To Make An Evergreen Bough Bed | Outdoor Life

Survival Skills: How To Make An Evergreen Bough Bed | Outdoor Life:

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'The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide' - Washington Times

'The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide' - Washington Times

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed! - Video

I don't know what to believe about what we see in the news these days. Spin or no spin, fair and balanced...who really knows? What I am sure of though is that some things are just not right. I have fishy feelings about 911, Columbine, Afghanistan/Iraq, Aurora and now Sandy Hook. Is this video entirely accurate?....I have no idea but, again, something stinks about this whole situation.
The important thing is that lives were lost...innocent lives. Additionally, we need to do our best to remain fully and accurately informed about events in our country and around the world. Dig deep and seek the truth as the truth shall set you free....