Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yay or nay? Ravens travel through Super Bowl parade in military style via Humvee | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Yay America....I've about had it.....Shouldn't the SOLDIER WHO GETS PAID LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE TO PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE be the one riding in the GOVERNMENT OWNED VEHICLE instead of the overpaid "pro" ATHLETE? And why oh why do so many other countries hate us....I can't imagine.

Oh and by the way, MILITARY SPENDING CUTS WILL AUTOMATICALLY TAKE EFFECT MARCH 1st because our government can't figure out a budget.

What's that phrase about worshipping false idols?

I'm sick to my stomach now.

Shake my head indeed.....shame on us.

Yay or nay? Ravens travel through Super Bowl parade in military style via Humvee | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports:

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Drone Strikes on Americans....

This is the future of the most free nation in the world....

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans - Open Channel:

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Health and Wellness

   Those of you that know me well know that January 2013 marks my one year anniversary for being smoke-free. I fell much better! I can breathe better, I don't smell any more and my coughs are gone....On the downside though, I have gained a significant amount of weight...60 pounds to be precise.

   I won't get all preachy here about why we should all be health nuts. In-fact, I don't have any plans on running for miles or getting "buff". I think that we, as humans, are meant to walk and to use our muscles in natural ways. We aren't meant to run marathons or to bench press tons. So....my plan starts with changing my diet. Today marks one week of dieting. I have been eating turkey, chicken, fruit and vegetable so far with some random carbs thrown in and, so far, I have lost 12 pounds. So onward we go with the diet! Additionally, I plan on spending far more time walking, especially with a load on my back. I may hit the park here and there over the winter months and, during the summer, the local streets. Also, a weekly plan for a hike with a full pack will be critical as the weather warms....

I am starting slow though so...for know...it's salads for me!

The Value of Roadside Assitance

   Most "survivalist" types might not consider AAA to be a preparedness necessity. I for one do not want to picture my awesome wife stranded on the side of some highway or backwoods road with a flat or with a malfunctioning vehicle...especially in circumstances where I am away or unable to get to her. AAA, in particular, provides access to services that, in many instances, can provide convenience and safety. For a small yearly fee, we can rest easy knowing that, in worst case scenarios, we have a backup plan. If its my wife having a flat while in a skirt and heels or myself stranded miles from anywhere during hunting season, help is only a phone call away. So....what happens when the cell phone stops working?
Well for Lori, that isn't much of a concern because she rarely travels far from home or into areas where cell service isn't available. For me though, I have equipped the Xterra with a CB radio. It may not be a satellite phone but, in all except the worst crisis, it will work and provide an avenue for communications. Lastly, we are working on several variations of evacuation plans or "if the phones go down" strategies. Having a pre-determined meeting place or backup plan for communications will be implemented to some degree. More to come on redundancy, evac and comms in the future but for now, make sure that you have AAA or some other form of roadside assistance. ...stay tuned!

The Value of Insurance

   Many of us have some form of insurance....automotive, homeowners, renters, etc. While the expense of insurance can often be burden, it is a necessary evil. With families across the country facing foreclosure and unemployment, one of the first costs to be cut or first benefits to be lost is medical coverage. One thing that has been on my "Basics" list of things to obtain for awhile is life insurance. As a father and husband, it is imperative to my family's survival that I provide them with the means to carry on if I was to vanish tomorrow.

   A large hole still exists in my overall plan for preparedness in that I haven't yet taught my wife and kids everything that I know about being prepared. We men, especially, have this impression that we will always be part of the picture but that may not be the case. For example, if I am wounded in a disaster or crisis and can not fully function, will my wife and kids know and/or be able to fill in gaps created by my absence or injury? Everything for security and bushcrafting to handling bills and account information must be shared between spouses and immediate family. I have witnessed many instances where families of the deceased or disabled are left in a hectic mess while trying to deal with the logistics of a person's life. 
Knowing that a large and guaranteed sum of money or assets exists to ease some of that pain and hardship is a comforting feeling. 

   We've come a long way so far but the sharing of skills and knowledge is still a distant goal. Progression towards success.....