Sunday, February 3, 2013

Health and Wellness

   Those of you that know me well know that January 2013 marks my one year anniversary for being smoke-free. I fell much better! I can breathe better, I don't smell any more and my coughs are gone....On the downside though, I have gained a significant amount of weight...60 pounds to be precise.

   I won't get all preachy here about why we should all be health nuts. In-fact, I don't have any plans on running for miles or getting "buff". I think that we, as humans, are meant to walk and to use our muscles in natural ways. We aren't meant to run marathons or to bench press tons. plan starts with changing my diet. Today marks one week of dieting. I have been eating turkey, chicken, fruit and vegetable so far with some random carbs thrown in and, so far, I have lost 12 pounds. So onward we go with the diet! Additionally, I plan on spending far more time walking, especially with a load on my back. I may hit the park here and there over the winter months and, during the summer, the local streets. Also, a weekly plan for a hike with a full pack will be critical as the weather warms....

I am starting slow though so...for's salads for me!

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