Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Value of Insurance

   Many of us have some form of insurance....automotive, homeowners, renters, etc. While the expense of insurance can often be burden, it is a necessary evil. With families across the country facing foreclosure and unemployment, one of the first costs to be cut or first benefits to be lost is medical coverage. One thing that has been on my "Basics" list of things to obtain for awhile is life insurance. As a father and husband, it is imperative to my family's survival that I provide them with the means to carry on if I was to vanish tomorrow.

   A large hole still exists in my overall plan for preparedness in that I haven't yet taught my wife and kids everything that I know about being prepared. We men, especially, have this impression that we will always be part of the picture but that may not be the case. For example, if I am wounded in a disaster or crisis and can not fully function, will my wife and kids know and/or be able to fill in gaps created by my absence or injury? Everything for security and bushcrafting to handling bills and account information must be shared between spouses and immediate family. I have witnessed many instances where families of the deceased or disabled are left in a hectic mess while trying to deal with the logistics of a person's life. 
Knowing that a large and guaranteed sum of money or assets exists to ease some of that pain and hardship is a comforting feeling. 

   We've come a long way so far but the sharing of skills and knowledge is still a distant goal. Progression towards success.....

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